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Bees and Queens

Make sure to put in your order for bees and queens early, many suppliers run out early to mid-Spring.


FOR SALE: Survivor bees – hygienic  italian queens. These bees need no chemicals; if I can’t eat it, why should they. Cordovan colored queens, Glenn apiaries strain, very calm personality, heavy laying. All queens are marked. Contact David Young at 276-970-3857 or at

Also: 4 five-frame nucs full of bees and brood ready to go.


SALE: Queens – Your choice of New World Carniolans , Carniolans, and Pol-line Italian Queens. Queens are $25 each. Marking is optional for $3. Located in Meadows of Dan for pickup. Shipping is available with USPS Priority at $12 for a single queen and $20 for multiples of up to 10 queens. Contact Tim Service for more details at 276-952-5077. Information current as of 2/21/17.


Wholly Honey Bees

Date: May 2022

Sources outside of the Association:

Hunter Apiaries
Pulaski, VA
Telephone: (540)577-4699
Queens: Open mated, Varroa Sensitive Hygienic Italians

Ridgetop Apiaries
Baxter, TN
Queens: Pol-line Hygenic Italian and Pure VSH Gold  (verified 9/3/2022)

Kenneth Andrews
Richmond, VA
Telephone: (804)458-8300

Ronny Cochran
Bedford, VA
Telephone: (540)586-8060

Mike March and Chuck Hutto
Franklin County, VA
Telephone: (540)493-1688


MEBA does not endorse, promote, or accept compensation for the products or services of the individuals or businesses listed above. This list is provided as a resource to local beekeepers for locating individuals or businesses selling products related to beekeeping. Beekeepers should obtain references from a supplier or beekeeper to determine the quality of products and services before placing an order. This is not a complete list of available vendors. Additional vendors may be found through magazines, newsletters, or other beekeepers. 

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