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Bees and Queens

Make sure to put in your order for bees and queens early, many suppliers run out early to mid-Spring.


Located in Snowville (Pulaski Co. close to I-81 near Radford). Offering deep frame nucleus colonies (five frames and up), queens and honeybee removal services. All queens are marked. I use all natural management methods in raising locally acclimated, survivor, hygienic and docile bees. My stock incorporates New World Carniolan genetics.

Taking deposits for spring nucs now. Have always sold out.

Randy Muir t/a Muir Enterprises, LLC. 540-230-7703 (cell). Text me and I’ll call you back.


FOR SALE: Survivor bees – hygienic  italian queens. These bees need no chemicals; if I can’t eat it, why should they. Cordovan colored queens, Glenn apiaries strain, very calm personality, heavy laying. All queens are marked. Contact David Young at 276-970-3857 or at

Also: 4 five-frame nucs full of bees and brood ready to go.


SALE: Queens – Your choice of New World Carniolans , Carniolans, and Pol-line Italian Queens. Queens are $25 each. Marking is optional for $3. Located in Meadows of Dan for pickup. Shipping is available with USPS Priority at $12 for a single queen and $20 for multiples of up to 10 queens. Contact Tim Service for more details at 276-952-5077. Information current as of 2/21/17.


Wholly Honey Bees

Date: May 2022

Sources outside of the Association:

Hunter Apiaries
Pulaski, VA
Telephone: (540)577-4699
Queens: Open mated, Varroa Sensitive Hygienic Italians

Ridgetop Apiaries
Baxter, TN
Queens: Pol-line Hygenic Italian and Pure VSH Gold  (verified 9/3/2022)

Kenneth Andrews
Richmond, VA
Telephone: (804)458-8300

Ronny Cochran
Bedford, VA
Telephone: (540)586-8060

Mike March and Chuck Hutto
Franklin County, VA
Telephone: (540)493-1688


MEBA does not endorse, promote, or accept compensation for the products or services of the individuals or businesses listed above. This list is provided as a resource to local beekeepers for locating individuals or businesses selling products related to beekeeping. Beekeepers should obtain references from a supplier or beekeeper to determine the quality of products and services before placing an order. This is not a complete list of available vendors. Additional vendors may be found through magazines, newsletters, or other beekeepers. 

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