Pest Management

Varroa mite on drone brood

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Recipes for Pest Control

Organic Wax Moth Control


2 liter or 1/2 gallon plastic jug
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1 banana peel

Directions (read complete directions before assembling):

  • Drill 1 inch hole in plastic bottle or jug just below the slope on the neck
  • Place ingredients in bottle
  • Store container for 2-3 days to allow fermentation
  • Tie in tree or post near hives at head height
  • Replace contents when container liquid becomes full of dead insects.

Note:  wax moths, bald face hornets and wasps will be drawn into the container and drown.

Grease Patties for Tracheal Mites

Recipe #1

4.4 pounds (1814.4 g) of granulated sugar (sucrose)

3 ounces (88.8 ml) of corn oil
1.5 Pounds (680.4 g) of vegetable shortening (Crisco)
1 pound (463.4 g) of honey
1/2 Pound (226.8 g) of mineral salt (pink color)  – approx.$7-$8 for 50 # from feed stores.
2.2 ounces(65 ml) of wintergreen oil.
One batch will treat about 8-10 hives, depending on number of brood chambers, size of patties, etc.  We place 5 small patties (about 2 ozs each) on top of each brood chamber and a 1/2″ [1.27 cm] “roll” across the entrance, about 3/4″ [1.9 cm] back in (otherwise, rain will wash it away).

Recipe #2

Mix four cups of granulated sugar, two cups of shortening and one of the following: 21 cc of wintergreen oil or 21 cc of patchouli oil or 21 cc or tea tree oil or 11.5 cc of each of two oils (e.g., wintergreen + patchouli). (This rate is 1/4 oz. of essential oils per pound of sugar and grease). The components are thoroughly mixed (wear gloves or use a large spoon, as wintergreen oil in such concentrations may be toxic; patchouli oil is not toxic). The mixture is then made up into 4 ounce patties (like a small, 3.5″ hamburger) which are divided and placed on top of each brood box (about one half pound or 8 ozs. of grease patties per hive; one batch treats 5.8 hives).

Beekeeping – Varroa Mites Notes

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