Hive Notes

Why make inspection notes…?

The honeybee is the smallest domesticated animal. The most important part of their care is routine inspections. Equally important, is the notes you make about these inspections. These notes will help you evaluate the care you have been giving them, as well as with future management decisions. Over the years my notes have evolved to the page presented here. Each page is devoted to a single hive with room for 4 different inspections. It is a partial checklist with room for additional notes. Using an organized check list will help you develop a methodical routine for inspections. Reviewing the notes before entering the hive will help you know what to expect and organize your work in a way that will minimally disturb the colony. No one enjoys writing notes, but they will allow you to “look back and plan ahead”. For a pdf of the notes that you can modify to better meet your particular need, please send me a request at

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Cathy Hounshell

Master Beekeeper UC Davis