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    What’s the best way to sell bees, is it illegal to sell bees before obtaining an inspection? I want to sell bees this year in 10 frame wood hives for $250, that way I can obsolete all my 10 frame equipment. I had zero losses for 2019 and most of my colonies are already split.

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    I have attained a certificate from the ag inspector and am cleared to sell bees, I had zero losses for winter of 2019 and all my bees are healthy. I am offering 10 frame medium hives complete with inner cover, top cover bottom board and newly drawn frames, the equipment is near new and the queen is locally mated and laying strong brood pattern, approximately 4 frames of brood and 5 frames of honey and bee bread, mite free, $200, local Wythe, Carroll county delivery is $25.
    Kirk Burkett, 276 699 6856

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