Thyme Honey

Soothes respiratory and skin irritation

One of the most versatile medicinal honeys you can have around the house.  Not only is it great for cooking, but you can use it to soothe a cough or apply it topically to a wound.  If you have a young child in the house (under 12months of age) you will want to substitute maple syrup for the honey in this recipe. ½ cup fresh thyme or ¼ cup dried thyme 8 ounces honey Put honey in saucepan and gently heat.  Add thyme and stir for about 10 minutes.  Pour your heated thyme honey into a clean canning jar, put on the lid, and let it sit in a warm place (a windowsill, for example) for 2 to 3 weeks.  Using a spatula, scoop out the contents of your jar.  Label and store it in a cool, dark cabinet.  Your herbal honey will stay good for at least 1 year. How to Use: For coughs and colds, put 1 teaspoon thyme honey into 1 cup hot water and stir.  Add some fresh lemon if desired.  You can also just take 1 teaspoon thyme honey straight off the spoon to stop a cough.  For wounds, spread a thin layer on a 3 x 3 bandage or gauze and apply.  Change daily.